Need an Oil Change? Visit Our Lube Center

Take your car into River Cities Express Quick Lube in Bossier City, LA

Is it time for you to get your oil changed? There's no longer any reason to go to multiple locations for a high-quality oil change and car wash. River Cities Express Quick Lube will ensure your car is performing in top shape. We do state inspections, too!

Regular Oil Change $41.95

  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Keeps the engine clean
  • Resists thickening to maintain fuel economy
  • Available in 5W-20, 52-30, and 10w-30

High Mileage Oil Change $54.95

  • Recommended for vehicles over 100,000 miles
  • Anti-wear agents to combat engine damage
  • Seal conditioners to prevent leaks

Synthetic Oil Change $74.95

  • Protection against heat deposits and engine wear
  • Combats sludge and dposit formation
  • Maximizes power output
  • Guaranteed 5000 miles of protection

Diesel Oil Change $79.95

  • ROTELLA 15W-40
  • Controls wear, deposits, and emissions
  • Protection in on- and off-highway applications
  • Extends diesel engine life and reliability

River Cities Express Quick Lube in Bossier City services all makes and models of cars and trucks, including diesel engines. Regular oil changes help maintain the life of your vehicle by:

  • Fighting the four major causes of engine breakdown: Heat, Deposits, Sludge, Friction
  • Providing engine protection at startup
  • Keeping engine components working efficiently
  • Helping to maintain your vehicle's warranty

Have your oil changed at River Cities Express Car Wash & Quick Lube in Bossier City, LA and we'll add a FREE Basic Car Wash. Let's get your car looking and running cleaner, inside and out. Visit our location or call us today at 318-629-9274 to learn more.

Mobil One, Penzoil, and Castro Available!